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A magnetic keyed lock can be used to secure your property and is different from an electromagnetic lock as it does not require electricity in order to operate. An electromagnetic locking system can be made to open with one of several methods such as a swipe card, motion sensor, or key code. However, the security can be overcome if the electricity is interrupted in a building.

A Magnetic Keyed Lock System

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Residential landlords or property owners may opt for a magnetic keyed lock because security is increased without the need for electricity. A residential locksmith in Tulsa can establish a magnetic lock system to upgrade security and conceal the existence of a lock as well. This type of lock is hard to pick open, which adds to its desirability.

However, with that being said, a residential locksmith will also tell you that the complexity of these locks can differ from one product to the next. For example, some of the locks only need one magnet to open them. While this does not offer a great deal of protection, it is an ideal key method for concealment.

Making a Decision for a Locking System

Other locking systems feature a number of magnets on the key. This system prevents one magnet from opening the lock. Also, the pins and tumblers for this kind of lock need to be elevated or depressed by each magnet. Therefore, you need to discuss the differences with a residential locksmith so you can better assess your locking needs.

Therefore, the functionality of the locking system depends on the needs of the user. Combining the use of a magnetic key system with a standard locking device is the most secure kind of upgrade. Do not rely solely on a lock that is difficult to pick. Using a magnetic lock with a regular lock optimizes overall security. Review your choices online at Inquire about the various lock systems that are available for businesses and homeowners.

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