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The Panasonic Toyota racing team is heading to Central Europe for the 2006 Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix this Saturday, August 6. The Hungarian F1 Grand Prix will take place in the capital city of Budapest, and the event will be held on the Hungaroring racetrack. The Hungaroring racetrack is said to be a long winding circuit that contains numerous curves and corners. It is also a difficult location for Formula One drivers and road test engineers because of the extreme heat and subsequent high temperatures.

Two of the most promising drivers of Panasonic Toyota racing team will put their skills and Toyota wheels to the test by representing their team for the 21st Hungarian Grand Prix. Ralf Schumacher, currently ranked sixth in the drivers championship, commented: Budapest is a beautiful city that I always like returning to for the race. There are plenty of things to do and see waysides of the track. The race itself has always been one of my favorites on the calendar, especially because there are so many fans there. One thing is always certain at this race and that is the extreme heat.

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You have to be fit to drive in such high temperatures and still be able to concentrate at the end of the race. The Hungaroring is known for being one of the hardest circuits for overtaking, so it will be very important for us to secure a good grid position. Last year at this race I took my first podium with Toyota and I am hoping that we can repeat these results again this year.

The Italian racer Jarno Trulli, ranked number seven and falls second place from his teammate Schumacher, also commented about their upcoming race in Hungaroring: After my race at Hockenheim, I’ll be looking for a better finish in Hungary. I am not too familiar with the city of Budapest, but I have heard that many drivers like the nightlife outside of the track.

I am sure we can expect another very hot weekend and therefore it will be very important for us to make sure the car’s entire system temperatures are monitored and kept in line. The track is also challenging because it is very narrow, with lots of corners and although it’s very difficult for overtaking it is still quite a fun circuit to drive.

The track is known to be dusty but this can change as the dust blows around, thus making it quite tricky to get the car handling well and going quickly. We had good results here last year.

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Today’s top merchandising companies require professional, expertly managed warehousing services providers to meet their highly specific requirements for product storage and delivery. Fortunately, one company excels in this area and, after spending the past three decades meeting their clients’requirements when it comes to first class product warehousing and distribution; they are expanding their services through continuous innovation.

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When the country’s top pharmaceutical companies require a warehousing services provider that offers an innovative climate controlled storage facility, they choose the International Warehouse Group. The company’s New York facility is fitted with the latest climate control software to keep humidity levels within the facility at the optimal level for storage of climate sensitive medical products. This emphasis on innovative technology is also present within the company’s security operations.

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At the core of the International Warehouse Group’s security apparatus is the latest monitoring software, which helps to ensure that your products are completely secure while in their innovative warehouses. When you choose to utilize the first class services of the International Warehouse group, your merchandise will be under electronic surveillance 24/7 to guarantee the highest level of security.

To compliment their exceptional warehousing services, the International Warehouse Group hosts a quality control department that inspects all incoming freight and then notifies customers of any open cartons or damage that may have occurred in the process of shipping. The specialists within the quality control department are highly trained to notice any discrepancies in the condition of the product and in such cases will open the product to conduct a thorough inspection, as required.

The largest companies across a plethora of industries trust the International Warehouse Group. That’s because, as a U.S. customs bonded company, they have surpassed all regulatory requirements for the professional warehousing of products. Furthermore, the International Warehouse Group has been noted for their meticulous appliance of safety procedures by being rated low risk by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For high-class distribution services, the International Warehouse Group should be your only port of call. That’s because they offer the widest variety of services available in the marketplace. Whether your company requires flatbed trucking services, lift gate services or cross-docking, the International Warehouse Group can provide these services and more to help you meet your evolving distribution requirements. Due to their connection with the top mailing companies in the United States, the International Warehouse Group can also ensure delivery direct to retail locations for an exceptionally efficient approach to leading-class supply chain management.

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With their 30-year service background in the industry, the International Warehouse Group offers expert distribution and warehouse services across the United States for clients that represent a wide variety of industries. Due to their innovative, climate-controlled storage facility in New York, they have become one of the recognized leaders in providing warehousing for medical supplies and equipment. To learn more, please go to Intlwhsegrp.

Due to their innovative,

climate-controlled storage facility

in New York, they have become one of the recognized leaders in providing warehousing for medical supplies and equipment. To learn more, please go to


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