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Study patterns have changed globally. Courses by distance learning are gaining immense popularity all over the world. Among all the professional courses that are pursued through distance learning, MBA courses are the most sought after ones. And if it is UK MBA, then it is better in all ways. A MBA course from a reputed university or institute adds a great value to the career of a person. Even, if it is an online course, the valuation is same. There was a barrier initially, when people valued regular courses over courses by distance learning programs. There was a notion that the education that was imparted in the distance learning courses for UK MBA was much below standard in comparison to regular courses of MBA in UK.

UK has the best colleges and universities in the world. Infact it is the dream of many students to complete their higher education from some university or institute from UK. With the advent of various kinds of professional courses like MBA, these institutes and universities have gained popularity on a larger scale. The most interesting thing is that online UK MBA courses are also available now. These courses help students to pursue the courses from any parts of the world. Thus, now students can pursue the courses by distance learning without needing to move out from their own countries. The expenses of doing UK MBA from courses by distance education are also less than regular MBA courses.

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UK MBA can be sought in various specializations related to MBA. You might notice that while some university is better in a particular specialization, the others are not very good in that. Therefore before registering for UK MBA courses make sure which specialization you want to opt for. Accordingly choose the university or the institute from which you want to pursue the courses by distance learning. There are some important things before registering to the online university. Try and do a little research and study about the university on the Internet. Check if the university or the institute has good reputation in providing courses by distance education, particularly UK MBA. If possible read some testimonials regarding the institute and also see if placement facilities are good.

UK MBA, which can be done through courses by distance learning programs, has many specializations. Some of them include:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting and Finance Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • International Business and Management
  • Public Relations Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Quality Management
  • Sustainability and Environmental Management
  • Media and Communication Management
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Sports and Leisure Management
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Economics and Statistics

Successfully completing a UK MBA program from a reputed university and institute can place you much higher than other candidates in the job field. Even the pay package of a candidate, who is a MBA holder, is much higher than that of a normal candidate with a general degree.

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Jems Morgan here focuses on the importance and advantages of courses by distance that are much more easier and convenient to pursue.For information on UK MBA please visit Morgan Jems

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By Stewart Wrighter

Most people have a car these days and this could be a new one every year or so, or a used one to save some hard earned cash. However, these days, people are becoming more aware of the environment so they are tending to look for cars which emit less and run on cheaper fuel. NJ VW dealers have cottoned on to the fact that people are now looking for diesel cars over the old gas style vehicles. Look for VW dealers NJ on the internet to see what they have on offer.

Look out for the Jetta TDI which is reputed to be doing better than the hybrids that were the buzz word until recently. This car was named the ‘greenest car’ by a well know journal. Although diesel would not seem like an obvious choice, it came into its own during the OPEC problems in the seventies it is now becoming the best alternative fuel choice since petroleum is going through the roof. The Jetta clocks a very respectable 41 miles per gallon on the highway so this surely is a great car for those on budgets or who want to be greener than they are right now. It is the lower carbon emission aspect which is really attracting people too, so check out this model and see if it is the right car for you.

Of course, there are many models of Volkswagen on the market today so outlets normally have a whole range of them on offer. They may also have trade in deals too and this will certainly make the outlay that much smaller. However, most dealerships will also have access to credit companies too which makes paying for a vehicle a little less painful. Take a look online to see which dealerships are in the local area and see what they have in stock. The great thing about having their stock online is that the buyer can do some comparisons before they step onto the lot. Also, those who sound like they know about cars, and the book prices of course, will certainly pick up a better bargain in the long run.

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The buyer should also know what they want from a car since this will also save time on the lot. Some people will want a family car, big enough to take all the kids and perhaps some friends, while others will strictly want a saloon that looks sleek enough for business. Also look out for special deals which may include free insurance for one year, free servicing after a number of miles or in one year, or anything else that makes the deal that much sweeter.

Finally, not all dealerships offer the same kind of service. Indeed, some of them have gotten the industry a bad name so try checking with friends and colleagues where they shop for their automobiles. Word of mouth is a great tool when this amount of money is at stake and people are only too happy to advice on what is on offer.

About the Author: Stewart Wrighter recently searched the internet for the term VW dealers NJ in order to find a safe affordable car for his teenage driver. He found the number of NJ VW dealers available online impressive.


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Submitted by: Sophia Peterson

Kerala is blessed with the bounties of nature. Besides the lush greenery, crystalline backwaters and the aroma of spices, the state is known for its beautiful cascades. Let the cold waters of the silver springs wash away your stress this vacation.

Athirappilly Waterfalls (82 ft.; June-January)

As you approach the Sholayar Forests, the gurgling sound of water lets you know that you are near the largest waterfall of Kerala, the Athirappilly Waterfalls. While the beauty of the falls is awe inspiring, the surrounding flora and fauna is another major attraction. It is the only place of the Western Ghats where you can find the endangered species of hornbills.

How to Reach

The Cochin International Airport is located at 40 km from the place. The nearest railway station is at Chalakudy, almost 30 km away. There is regular bus service from Cochin, Coimbatore and Munnar.

Things to Know

The waterfalls can be visited from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The ticket counter is open till 5.00 pm. There is an entry fee of Rs15 to the place. The Athirappilly Waterfalls is at its best during the monsoons (June- September). Visitors can also enjoy river rafting, jungle safari, camping, bird watching and trekking at the terrains.

Soochipara Falls (656 ft.; September-February)

As the white waters break through the rocks from a height of 300 feet to 100 feet, the Soochipara Falls turns you speechless. The green envelope of deciduous and evergreen forests sooths your heart and soul, while the adventure sports of trekking and swimming is a gift to the thrill lovers.

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How to Reach:-

The Calicut International Airport lies at 102 km and the nearest railway station is at 92 km from the place, the Kozhikode Railway Station. Tourists can hire direct cabs to the waterfalls from Calicut and Sultan Bathery. The waterfalls are a 2 km walk from the parking zone.

Things to Know:-

The visiting hours are from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. There is an entry fee of Rs80 per individual and Rs40 extra for the camera. Plastic is strictly prohibited in the region and someone carrying a plastic bottle needs to get it tagged and pay an amount of Rs50; this amount is refunded on return. Though monsoon is good to check out the real beauty of the waterfalls, there are multiple leeches round the place at this time. The Chembra Park, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the ancient caves of Edakkal are the nearby attractions.

Palaruvi Falls (300 ft., June-January)

This is one of the coolest waterfalls of Kerala, with its water softly flowing down the hills. The waters of Palaruvi Falls are also known to have medicinal properties for curing skin diseases and hence you will find lot of people bathing in the chilled waters of the pond formed by this waterfall. Tourists can also choose to stay near the spring at the PWD and KTDC bungalows. The blue hills and sprawling greenery encircling the waterfall creates a magnificent environment. Get close to nature with natural walks through the forest or crossing the small streams.

How to Reach:-

The nearest airport to the place is the Trivandrum International Airport, which is around 72 km from the Kollam city. The nearest railway station is Kollam, 75 km from the waterfalls. Tourists can also hire cabs to reach the spot.

Things to Know:-

The waterfalls can be visited from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The entry fee is Rs10 for children between 5- 13 years and it is Rs25 above that. There is additional charge for parking cars. On the same trip you can also visit the Thenmala Dam, Ashtamundi Lake, Paravur Lake and Kollam.

Meenmutty Falls (985 ft.; October-May)

This waterfall of Kerala exhibits the whim of nature, as the water dances down the cliffs in three steps. The volume of water rushing down the hills is huge and it is advised not to get too close to the falls at this time. The scenery is charming after the monsoons, with a composed flow of water and pleasant atmosphere. The place is a photographers paradise being an ideal sunrise and sunset point.

How to Reach:-

The Calicut International Airport is closest to the spot, around 110 km. The Kozhikode railway station is the nearest, 97 km from the place. It is a 2 km to 3 km distance for the trekkers.

Things to Know:-

The visiting hours are from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm; tickets are available from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm. The passes are available only after permission from the local authorities and cost Rs 30 for Indians and Rs 60 for foreigners. Plastics and alcohol are prohibited. The nearest tourist attractions include Banasura Sagar Dam, Muthanga Sanctuary, Kalpetta and Pookode Lake.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls (300 ft., June-November)

Another unique creation of nature, the Thommankuthu Waterfalls come down in seven steps. It is an activity packed day for tourists visiting this waterfalls of Kerala. The Thommankuthu Waterfalls is an eco tourism destination of the state. Unravel the mysteries of nature trekking through the dense forests and exploring the caves of the region or relax over the dew drenched grass or at the wooden huts, watching colourful birds or fishing at the clean stream waters.

How to Reach:-

The closest airport to the site is at 52 km, the Cochin International Airport. The Aluva is the nearest railway station at 65 km.

Things to Know:-

Be here from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. The entry fee is Rs10 for kids and Rs20 for adults. Besides numerous springs, the place is also near to the Munnar tea plantations, lying at 67 km.

Celebrate the joy of life this holiday with the splashes of fresh water of the waterfalls of Kerala.

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About the Author: Sophia Perterson is a blogger and writes about travel. She loves to explore new places. Kerala is a beautiful and popular destination of India, located in India’s deep southern part. Kerala has become a prominent tourist destination of India as it provides panoramic beauty to its visitors. For more info:


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By Rod MacTaggart

When looking for help for themselves or a loved one with a prescription drug problem, people are often unsure which detox program is best. Choosing the right program could mean the difference between success and failure in overcoming prescription drug addiction. Different types of drug detox programs are available and each one has its advantages and drawbacks.

For most people drug detox is just the start of full rehabilitation. It is primarily a method of withdrawal, and does not address why the person became addicted in the first place – for that you need a successful drug rehab program. Nevertheless, withdrawal is the necessary first step to rehab and to get someone with a prescription drug addiction problem to even agree to quit, it is often necessary to find a drug detox program that can effectively handle prescription drug addiction detox, is safe, and is as comfortable for the addicted person as possible.

Some drug detox programs simply provide a setting where the person is kept away from all drugs, fed, housed, and watched over to ensure they don’t encounter any serious medical problems. They are basically withdrawing ‘cold turkey’, with nothing to relieve the pain or other withdrawal symptoms. For many with a prescription drug addiction problem, this type of drug detox is very hard on the body, and very traumatic.

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Another type of drug detox program basically amounts to substituting a different drug for the one the person is already taking. The person arrives at the detox center, is given a drug that helps relieve the symptoms of withdrawal, and leaves the center on the substitute drug – possibly chained to it forever. If they want to get off the new drug, they may well have to go through another drug detox. This is obviously not a good choice for someone with a prescription drug addiction as they have just replaced one prescription for another.

Then we have ‘rapid detox’, promoted as the fastest route. You arrive at the facility, usually a hospital, and, after medical examination and other preparations, are put under general anesthetic for between four and six hours – the person is basically ‘out’ while a strong drug is pumped through their system.

The most talked about aspect of the rapid detox method is the fact that you are technically done within hours. However, recovery from the anesthetic and physical stress put on the body can take several days, and the person is likely to continue to have side effects and symptoms for weeks. In fact, most people leave rapid detox centers on medications designed to handle the after-effects of the detox.

The best method of detoxing from prescription drugs is the gradual withdrawal technique. The person checks into a medically-supervised, comfortable facility where they are helped through withdrawal by the use of drugs that help alleviate the symptoms. This differs from the ‘substitute drug’ method as the person is given the withdrawal drugs only for a short period of time, and is no longer taking that drug when they leave.

There’s no quick fix for drug addiction. The first step is a drug detox program that can successfully deal with prescription drug addiction. Then finish up with a drug rehab program that addresses the reasons behind the addiction. With these steps done, the person can get their life back.

About the Author: Rod MacTaggart is a Florida-based freelance writer who contributes articles on health. prescription drug addiction Contact:


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Affordable range of suitable and durable cash drawers for heavy duty application


adam black

The Cash Drawer is a major component of the point of sale system. It provides safe and secure storage for currencies, cheques, receipts of credit cards and other important papers. Many renowned companies are manufacturing the storage devices that are in huge demand for providing POS solution to varied business needs. They are available at very affordable rates for small business units. Many agencies supply industry best drawers at most reasonable rates. Posiflex, Goodson, Echo, Casio and Nexa are some major names that are manufacturing Cash Drawers for POS system for long times. Their storage devices are affordable and reliable.

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The popular types of Cash Drawers are the one which is durable and suitable for heavy duty business operations. The main feature of this kind of storage device is that it has three position key lock system. It also has the provision of an emergency opening of the lock. These are available in both serial and USB interface. It is an electronic device and is connected to other components of the point of sale system. An interface is required to connect it to another component of the point of sale systems like barcode scanner and receipt printer. The two types of interface that are available to connect this device are either USB or serial interface.

Many accessories are available with Cash Drawers. Lock and key, till covers, coins cup, under counter mounting bracket, adjustable cash storage box insert and media tray are some of the accessories for this device. The accessories for storage devices are abundantly available in the market and are branded product. A more safe and secure environment is ensured with till covers. Additional till is beneficial during shift changes of staffs. Cash Drawer Locking till is the best way to keep your storage device locked. This way the chances of theft are eliminated. This storage device can be strongly mounted with the help of under the counter mounting brackets. The mounting system provides free space at counters. Cash counter accessories are made to work efficiently in toughest environment.

These storage devices come in different sizes. Modern devices are manufactured keeping in mind space constraint. Modern technology has driven heavy duty storage devices comes with a flip top which is best suited for less space POS environment. The flip top type of devices is compact in size, and its top cover is made of sturdy metal. A lockable lid is provided with the top cover to ensure extra safety. The top cover of the flip top storage device is usually made of stainless steel which protects it from rusting and is very easy to clean. The manufacturers of these devices offer an excellent guarantee and return warranty in case any fault is observed.

The most common description of the Cash Drawer is that it usually has space to accommodate five note holders and eight coins’ slot. Two slots are also given to keep cheques, and the most common color available is black. The standard voltage requirement is either 12V or 24V.

POS Central offers a wide range of

cash drawers

from top brands at competitive prices. It provides shipping within Australia. For more information, call our POS Expert at 1300590094

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