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Maine Auto Insurance Laws and Car Insurance Requirements



Maine auto insurance laws are similar to those in other states, although the minimum coverage required for bodily injury is the highest at $100,000. It is one of the states that require coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists and again the minimum coverage is among the highest required. Only Alaska s minimum required coverage for bodily injury is as high as Maine s. This could have something to do with the road conditions or the frequency of accidents. Carrying coverage is compulsory in all states except New Hampshire and Virginia. In those states, motorists have the option of proving personal responsibility, which basically means the motorist has enough money to cover any costs associated with an accident.

In addition to the coverage requirement for bodily injury, Maine car insurance laws stipulate that drivers carry liability coverage for $25,000 worth of property damage; and many states have a similar requirement for property damage but only the vehicles are covered by this part of the policy. Items inside the vehicle, such as a GPS expensive stereo systems are not covered. At least $1000 must be designated to cover medical payments in addition to the $100,000 minimum required for uninsured or underinsured motorists. This coverage is designed to provide protection when an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident. Although rare, there are still some people who drive without coverage despite the inherent financial loss it entails.

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Maine auto insurance requirements apply to rental cars, regardless of the state in which the vehicle is registered or the home state of the driver. However, driving into the state from one of the surrounding states does not require the driver to purchase additional coverage for the rental vehicle. Typically, the policies for rental cars are purchased when the vehicle is rented at a cost of $7-$14 per day. It is important to read the fine print on the rental car policies because some of them are liability only. Should you bump into a pole in a parking deck and damage the automobile, the company could charge you for the damage unless you paid for collision coverage.

Since 2005, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles has been able to determine whether or not drivers are adhering to the state s auto insurance requirements by way of a system called the Electronic Notification of Insurance Cancellation Program. This program requires insurers to notify the BMV in the event that premiums are not paid or a policy is cancelled.

When the BMV receives the notice, they will send a letter to the driver requiring him or her to provide proof of coverage, usually within 30 days. If the driver does not comply with the requirement, his or her registration and plates will be suspended, with an associated reinstatement fee charged. Maine auto insurance laws require that someone must be found at fault for an accident and injured persons are allowed to sue the at fault driver for amounts exceeding the policy coverage. For that reason, most insurers recommend carrying even higher minimums than those required by state law.

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Have You Been Hit By An Uninsured Or Untraced Driver?


Paul Howe

When you are hit by an uninsured or untraced driver the first thing you will do is get extremely worried. However, do not worry yourself too much as there are people out there to help you. You are not on your own and this does not mean you are necessarily going to have to fork out a lump sum to pay for the damage. If the accident is not your fault you should be able to get help. Many people are hit by uninsured drivers each year in the UK, even though car insurance is a legal obligation.

What Should I Do?

Firstly, if you have been hit by anyone on the road, you need to get vital information from the third party. The most important details to take are the third party\’s car registration, make and model. If you suspect an uninsured driver has hit you you should make sure these are totally accurate. They are likely to give a fake name and address if you ask them for this so collect as much alternative information as possible. If you can, or if you feel there may be contention as to who was at fault further down the line, try and take photos of the scene and if there are any independent witnesses take their names and numbers. Make sure you have written down a clear account of what happened when it is fresh in your mind.

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If anyone is injured in the collision, the vehicles are causing an obstruction or someone else\’s property has been damaged by the collision, you will need to call the police. When the police are called all necessary information will be requested from the individual to prove that the vehicle is insured, the MOT is valid and that they are the registered keeper of the car. If you do not need to call the police you may wish to take it upon yourself to attain this information yourself.

You will find that if you have comprehensive cover you will be in the best position here. This is because you car insurance will naturally cover this kind of situation so you will not have to take the issue further than your insurers. As of May 2012 some insurance brokers have brought in a clause to prevent drivers who have been hit by an uninsured party, and are not at fault in a collision, from losing their no claims discount or having to pay the excess on their insurance.

If you are not under comprehensive insurance you will have to make you claim through the Motor Insurer\’s Bureau (MIB). This organisation is specifically tailored to help people like you who have been a victim of a negligent uninsured or untraced driver. They seek to compensate victims rapidly and fairly.

Contact a solicitor today if you wish to make a personal injury claim following an accident with an uninsured or untraced driver, a firm who specialise in personal injury will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.


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Submitted by: Arkaitz Arteaga

Forex is the biggest market in the world in terms of the amount of money transacted. There are several huge players in the market. These are knowledgeable professionals who trade in these markets for various financial institutions, hedge funds, brokerages etc. If you, as an individual trader, want to profit from trading in the market, then you have to know the various strategies the traders use to trade in the market.

You can learn all these strategies either by learning the various steps yourself or by joining a training course. If you decide to learn on your own, then you may require some time before you get the hang of using them or before you formulate some strategies of your own. If you decide to join a training course, then you can learn all the strategies from an experienced trader and learn to use these strategies in the market during the course itself.

There are several training institutes out there who have associated themselves with the best forex dealers in the market currently. These institutes bring you up to speed with all the latest tools being used in the market these days. They will help you evolve your own trading strategies that you can use to make profits in the market. Some of the institutes also allow you to trade on some of the best platforms with the best traders that these institutes have associated themselves with. The institutes help you in learning the fundamentals of devising your own strategy. They will teach all the basic terms and definitions and update you with the latest developments in technical analysis. They stress on risk management as this is one of the most fundamental factors of forex trading.

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Different levels of courses are offered by these institutes. Most of the courses are aimed at the novice trader where they teach you all the basic concept and strategies. In the advanced courses, complex strategies are discussed and its use is practised. They will also teach you various risk management strategies and money management techniques. They build the psychological edge you need to succeed while trading in the forex market. They also have courses aimed at the various corporate who want to protect their exposure to the foreign currency by building positions in the market that hedges their various foreign currency exposures.

These institutes also offer you the choice of learning through the internet which are also known as virtual classrooms or through various physical classrooms. You can choose any of the above options depending upon the one which will suit you the most. If you feel like you need one-to-one coaching and help while trading in the markets then the physical classroom is the choice to make. Another advantage of choosing physical classroom is the amount of networking that you can do while attending the course. This will stand in good stead as you will be able to discuss any future trades with these people.

Forex training is really useful and any opportunity to attend such a training course should not be wasted. If you want to trade in the forex market and make money but you are unsure of yourself, then you should attend a training course as this will put you in the path to making large amounts of profits.

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