Natural Remedies that Clean Teeth Safely


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Teeth whitening products are widely advertised, and some contain abrasive materials than may not provide the best tooth care. Laser technology can remove stains quickly, but it is an expensive procedure. Stains appear on teeth as a consequence of eating foods such as cherries, beets and other dark foods that contain chromagens, molecules that are deeply pigmented.

Nature s abundance of brightly colored foods is essential for nutrition and good health, but many of them can cause stains to appear on teeth. WebMD mentions black tea as a source of stain that is more aggressive than coffee. White wine as well as red ones cause stains, and tea stains more readily if it is consumed after wine. Sports drinks have acidic content that can soften enamel, making it easier for teeth to absorb a stain. Dark sauces that contain tomato, soy or curry are known to produce stains.

Removing Stain with Food

Just as some fruits, foods and drinks cause stains, others are capable of removing them. Strawberries are effective stain removers with an enzyme that is also used in whitening toothpastes. The fibrous content in the berry removes bacteria from the mouth as well as the teeth. Placing half of a strawberry on a stain for a minute and then rinsing with water can help remove the discoloration.

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Hard Cheese, Yogurt and Milk

Lactic acid in dairy products helps reduce gum disease and prevents stains, including the small amount of milk or cream in a cup of coffee.

Carrots and Apples

Hard foods like celery, carrots and apples increase the flow of saliva, a natural cleaner. The abrasive effect of the hard fibers is similar to brushing.

Lemons and Oranges

In addition to increasing the amount of saliva, lemons are as effective in whitening teeth as they are in lightening hair color. A mouthwash of equal amounts of lemon juice and water once a week can brighten a smile. Oranges are healthful for many reasons, and they are also good for removing stains.

Other Natural Products

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cleaner that has none of the negative effects of chlorine. In combination with baking soda, it can remove stains quickly and effortlessly. While baking soda alone is a good cleaner as well, the combined mix is especially helpful. A teaspoon of each is all that is needed, and a dip into a little bit of toothpaste improves the taste.

The effectiveness of baking soda is indicated by its inclusion in many types of toothpaste on the market today. It neutralizes acid in the mouth, and it also serves as an abrasive that removes stains. It is safe to use alone or as an additive to toothpaste. Brushing with it every other week can gently produce the teeth whitening process that many people desire.

Nutritionists encourage the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables even if they do stain the teeth. A rinse with water after eating them can deter stains from forming.

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