Hiring An Event Caterer In New Orleans

Hiring An Event Caterer In New Orleans

June, 2015 byadmin

Hiring an event caterer is a good way to put the focus on fun and eliminate the work from planning a party. A decadent meal is a key to making a party, barbecue or any event a good time. There are many caterers available depending on the type of event that is being thrown. It doesn’t matter if it’s a buffet style, company picnic or banquet; there is an option for everyone. Party planners can find help at websites and businesses that are designed to help connect individuals with local caterers. While there are many caterers to choose from, there are ways to narrow down the decision-making process.


Instead of stressing over last minute details and slaving over a hot stove, party throwers can join the guests at the party. The Event Caterer in New Orleans, like all others in the US, is there to cook and prepare the food. However, caterers in this city seem to be a dime a dozen, but there are ways to weed out the best from the rest.

First, consider the type of event that is being thrown and the food that will be served for the guests that are in attendance. Different caterers specialize in different areas, and certain food can actually taste better depending on who prepares it. A caterer who specializes American barbecue probably wouldn’t be the best place to hire if a Mexican style dinner is being planned. There are online directories that feature specialized caterers who cater dinners at almost every party type.

Before hiring an Event Caterer in New Orleans be sure to ask questions. Interviewing several caterers will help with this questioning process. It will also give the party planner a wide variety offers and ideas. There are different price plans and food varieties offered by different catering companies, each designed to suit a specific need.

Websites like Eatlacasita.com have a list of their company’s events and catering menu to give users an idea of what they’re getting into before they even make the first phone call. These type of websites also allow users to set up food tasting appointments. It is important to try the food before deciding to hire someone. A tasting gives an event thrower an even better idea of the caterer’s cooking style. Online searches are good, but the word of mouth is always a great determining factor in hiring a caterer.