How Does The Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands System Compare To Bowflex And Total Gym?}

How Does The Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands System Compare To Bowflex And Total Gym?}

How Does the Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands System Compare to Bowflex and Total Gym?


Tom Buck

Arguably the three most recognized home gyms are the Bodylastics resistance bands system, and the Bowflex and the Total Gym cable pulley systems. For those who are considering starting a home exercise fitness routine, or for those who are looking for a change to their current routine, the following is a quick comparison based on price, guarantee, convenience and portability, and exercise capability. It by no means goes into great detail, but will give you enough information to allow you to zero in on one of the three alternatives in more depth to finalize your decision.


-Bodylastics starts at $45.95 for the basic original system for average strength individuals. For above average strength individuals there is a system for $55.95, and for extreme workouts $99.81.

-Bowflex Classic is the starter set for $649. The next step-up model, the Extreme SE is $1,299

-Total Gym 1700 is the starter set for $399, with a step up to $1195 for the 14000. Upgrades to this last model can raise the price as high as $1650.



-Bodylastics features three guarantees: (1) 6-week 100% satisfaction guarantee, (2) 6 weeks visible results guarantee that both you and others will notice a positive change in your physique after 6 weeks of use, and (3) free replacement of any broken parts for 90 days, any part needing replacing after 90 days will cost a maximum of $5.95.

-Bowflex guarantees you will see positive results after 6 weeks of use, and has a lifetime Power Rod warranty. There is a 5 year limited warranty on parts for the starter set and a 7 years limited warranty on the Extreme SE set.

-Total Gym has a 30-day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee, 1 year on parts for the start up set. In addition to the 30 day money back guarantee, the 14000 has a 3 years parts warranty and a lifetime frame warranty.


-Bodylastics can be taken and used anywhere that has a door that provides the basic anchoring for the system. It travels easily in its shoebox-sized bag that weighs less than 2 pounds. This size makes storage convenient.

-Bowflex Classic has a folded up size of 82 x 22 x 610. The Extreme SE has a folded up size of 711 x 410 x 41.

-Total Gyms starting model, the 1700, has a folded up size of 16 x 8 x 4 and weighs 50#. The 1400 is 111 x 18 x 45 and weighs 97#.


-Bodylastics offers over 140 different exercises for the back, chest, abs, shoulders, legs, and arms.

-Bowflex has 30 exercises for the starter Classic model, and 65 exercises for the Extreme SE.

-Total Gym does not indicate the number of exercises available with either the 1700 or the 14000.

Summing up the comparisons, it appears Bodylastics has some very distinct advantages over Bowflex and Total Gym. The biggest advantages are price, portability and convenience. It also appears Bodylastics can cover all exercise requirements whereas with Bowflex the options are less.

At $45.95 for the original Bodylastics system, this may be a good option for the beginning exercise enthusiast who is not that familiar with any type of system and is not sure how long the enthusiasm for working out will last. Based on my own experience, self-discipline becomes a very important piece of ones exercise routine. Bodylastics three guarantees give the user ample type to explore both areas and still remain within the money back guarantee period.

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How Does the Bodylastics Home Gym Resistance Bands System Compare to Bowflex and Total Gym?}