Read About The Numerous Advantages With Lap Band Surgery In Charlotte Nc Will Provide.

Read About The Numerous Advantages With Lap Band Surgery In Charlotte Nc Will Provide.

Read About The Numerous Advantages With Lap Band Surgery in Charlotte NC Will Provide.



Lap band surgery as a Bariatric surgical procedure is much better known in many other parts of the world, other than America. Although not unknown, other types of weight loss surgeries are usually performed instead of Lap Band Surgery. However, with an ever growing number of lap band surgery, as well as other forms of Bariatric surgery performed in many countries, it\’s rapidly becoming far more popular in America. Lap band surgery is one of the most effective types of Bariatric Surgery, and has countless advantages over many other bariatric or weight loss surgery techniques. It is the least invasive of the weight loss surgical procedures needing no intestinal re-routing, and so reducing the trauma caused to the patient. Keyhole incisions are made so there is a reduction in scar tissue.

Due to these minimally invasive procedures there is a reduced amount of pain for the patient, these techniques also enjoy a much quicker hospital and recovery period. There are much fewer risks, complications and side-effects than many other forms of weight loss or bariatric surgery, as well as a much lower mortality rate, in comparison to other forms of weight loss surgery. With gastric bypass surgeries there is an increased risk of nutritional deficiencies for some patients vitamin b12 injections are required. Also, as with other bariatric surgery procedures there may be dietary intake restrictions that are related to the \”dumping syndrome.\” Because the lap band is adjustable the surgeon can regulate just how much to tighten it, to assist with the long term weight loss plans for the patient.


These adjustments are addressed without the need for any additional surgery. In the case of pregnant women, the stomach outlet is opened wider to allow for the ever increasing nutritional needs. The main advantages of a fitted lap band as a form of bariatric surgery is that it may be altered at any time the patient wishes. Other parts of the body such as the intestines and stomach that are involved are then restored to their original state and function. In comparison with gastric bypass surgery, recent studies have shown a significant improvement for suffers of diabetes. These reports also show that high blood pressure is usually reduced, assisting to return the patient to a better state of health than they previously enjoyed. The use of lap band surgery can provide an effective and efficient long-term solution, using a simple solution through bariatric surgery for a lot of very over weight clients. It is reported that more than 55% of the weight loss gained through lap band surgery is maintained for five years at least after the bariatric surgery operation.

Therefore should you be thinking about lap band surgery, or any other form of bariatric surgery, there is a set criterion that must be applied, or qualify you for these forms of bariatric surgery. Make sure you consult a professional bariatric surgeon to get a complete understanding of each available procedure and be aware of the complications and risks that may be encounter. Check to see if you health insurance plan covers the operation. Often people travel to other countries for high quality bariatric surgery because it\’s not covered under their health insurance plans here in the United States.

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