Why Alzheimer S Patients Need Expert Care

Why Alzheimer S Patients Need Expert Care

Why Alzheimer s Patients Need Expert Care


Drew Harrison

Alzheimer s Disease is a degenerative brain disorder that affects mostly ageing people (65 years of age on the average). Every retirement community or

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and other areas in the United States have built has one or more patients afflicted with Alzheimer s. People who have Alzheimer s suffer from confusion, dementia, disorientation and as the disease progresses, long-term memory loss. The need to take care of these patients is a must. The disease is irreversible but certain medication should be given to patients whose condition has become worse.

One dilemma of Alzheimer s to both the patient and his family is emotional stress. Since the patient eventually suffers from irritability, memory loss and behavioral problems, the family can be subjected to frustration and stress. What most families of people with AD do is to send them to retirement homes or


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and other areas offer. This way, patients are given proper care both medically and emotionally as well as the attention that they need as the disease progresses.

It can be very painful for family members to see their senior members suffer from the effects of Alzheimer s, especially with the fact that it leads to death. In the long run, patients will suffer from malnutrition, poor hygiene and health deterioration. With this, the need to seek professional help and guidance is greatly considered.

Eventually, the nurturing and care that each member of the family can give to the patient become conditional due to emotional stress, frustration and the patient s increased demand for attention. With retired homes or communities, both the senior and his family are given the opportunity for acceptance and healing through caregiving. As the disease progresses, the patient s need for attention also greatly increases.

Some retirement communities and senior living have employed professionals that have proper experience in behavior, cognition, emotion, and stimulus problems. They can conduct psychosocial therapies for AD patients, as well as monitor the patient s condition as it progresses.

Apart from increased interaction with other seniors, patients with AD who live in retirement communities have more opportunities for different recreational activities. Although these activities cannot cure the disease, they help lessen disturbances and calm patients. Symptoms of AD may appear to be common in every patient, but no two cases are exactly the same. Every patient has different issues to be addressed.

In the US, the estimated number of people afflicted with AD is 5.3 million in 2010. A percentage of these patients eventually need the help of

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and other areas readily offer.

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