A compilation of brief news reports for Friday, November 9, 2007.

Glasgow in Scotland was today announced to be the host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The result which was announced in Sri Lanka was witnessed by thousands of people who had gathered in Glasgow to watch the announcement and resulted in “jubilation” in the streets.

Glasgow won the right to host the event after winning the vote 47 to 24 against Nigeria. The games will be held in July and August of 2014 and will last for 11 days with over 6000 athletes and officials expected to attend the event.


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File:IPhone Release – Seattle.jpg

The Apple iPhone has gone on sale today in Europe with many people queuing over night to buy the device. The cost of the device in the UK is £269 with a 18 month £35 contract which has caused major controversy. Many people have been unhappy with the decision by Apple to lock the phone to use one network exclusively and have been accused of being “anti-competitive”. Many people have also un-locked the phone using un-official hack to circumnavigate the restrictions imposed on the phone, however Apple have said that this will void the warranty.

The launch of the product five months after its US release was marred by a Carphone Warehouse computer glitch which meant that credit and debt card transactions could not be completed.

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The UK tidal surge hit the East coast of England today, but did not cause as much damage as expected. Thousands of people returned to their houses after being evacuated last night to scenes of localised flooding. Meteriologists had feared that the wave could break the storm defences on the coast and lead to severe widespread flooding however 20 cm lower wave heights meant that this did not occur.

The Thames Barrier has re-opened after being closed last night in preparation for the event, however officials have been criticised by some local people for not doing enough to inform the residents and not giving them enough time to defend their property.

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