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By Kimberly Quang

The living room serves as a hub for home activities, and it is usually the main visitation room when guests come. Living room lighting requires layers of illumination to be truly effective and careful attention to walls, decorations, adjacent furnishings, and congruence with interior design. This is not as daunting a task as it sounds. If one breaks down lighting the living room into simple matters of luminance level, color, and distribution, then choosing the appropriate fixture and knowing where to position it follows naturally almost as a logical matter of course. Furniture, bookshelves, and even fine art take on an entirely new dimension with RLLD living room lights, and with the help of our specialists, even the first time installer can learn how to combine direct and indirect light levels, eliminate pockets of shadow, and canvas the room in light without creating reflective glare off surfaces in the interiors of windows.

Compact Fluorescent Living Room Lights

Compact fluorescents are ideal for functional lighting in living rooms of any size. Their power energy efficiency is second only to LED, and new ballasting technology now makes it possible to install them on dimmer switches. Our fluorescent compacts feature geometric shapes of all kinds to counterbalance curvature of furniture and angle of the room. They are ideal for the avant-garde and eclectic in taste.

Contemporary Living Room Lighting

Contemporary styles also speak to the bold, the innovative, and the trendy living room lighting designer. This section of our inventory alone has over 400 fixtures from which to chooseand it is still growing. Contemporary living room lighting offers controlled, dimmable lighting, glare free task lighting, and even decorative colored lighting to match any interior design theme conceivable.

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Craftsman and Mission Living Room Fixtures

The Craftsman and Mission style of decorating is currently one of the most popular styles in interior design and lighting. Living rooms decorated in the mission style can now look more enriched and complete with RLLD Craftsman & Mission styled lighting fixtures. Homeowners and professional designers can find a wide of selections ranging from an organic appearance to bolder brass and satin nickel finishes.

Crystal Living Room Lighting

Crystal lighting in a living room lends a sense of sophistication, classicism, and refinement to the atmosphere of the entire home. Not only do the fixtures themselves appear more ornamental and skillfully wrought, but the quality of light produced by crystal has a much more unique and vibrant quality to it as well. Crystal can refract light like a prism, casting it simultaneously in all directions at once. Our crystal living room lights feature hand craftsmanship that equals that of chandeliers, and clients looking to mount a pendant or chandelier as a centerpiece light in the living room may therefore want to consider decorating with a primarily crystal theme.

Iron & Rustic Lighting Room Lights

Rustic interior decorum can best be complimented with a variety of iron and rustic fixtures found in this section of our online inventory. For smaller living rooms, consider hand-made, single light sconces to go along the walls. Light bars are another hot item to be found in this section. Hanging suspended from the ceiling, they make excellent keynotes above doorways leading to hallways and kitchens. They also make excellent task lights for living rooms that connect to a staircase and require additional light for safety. Colored lights for the living room abound in this section as well; so decorators looking to add a frontier or colonial look to the environment have much to choose from in this category.

Traditional Living Room Lighting Fixtures

Homeowners looking to maintain a sense of unchanging value can do so with styles that range from the Spartan to the ornate. Our wall sconces in this category bear particular scrutiny as pieces the offer a decorative blend to virtually any form of furniture and wall decoration. We even have living room wall lights shaped like lamps to compliment floor and desk lamps placed in corners or on tables in the room.

Transitional Living Room Lighting

As the name suggests, transitional living room lighting represents the middle ground between classic and contemporary styles. For homes with unique floor plans, this often proves to be a preferred style because it brings tradition to the table reminiscent of larger custom homes and simultaneously adds elements of the innovative and futuristic. In this section, find up lights and down lights in fine glasswork fixtures that create unique and varied patterns of lighting along walls, eclectic 3-D art, and modern furniture.

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By Low Jeremy

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner. The person has to think about the budget, the size and the brand.

The task is not easy since there are more than a dozen brands out there in the market. The person may go to the appliance store and see some from Japan, China, United Kingdom, Germany and of course the United States.

The question remains, is there one brand that is better than the others in the market? This is hard to say especially if the consumer has used one brand over the years and is hesitant to try something new.

Here are a few brands that have been in the market for a long time with some that offer innovations in the way cleaning around the house is done.

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The Germans are one of the first to ever come up with a vacuum cleaner. Long before that, the company Miele produced other things such as dishwashers and coffee systems.

This company may have started out small towards the end of the 19th century but it still continues to serve the customers with excellent products today in Europe and in the United States.

Another company that has become a household name is Electrolux, which has a huge product line and claims to have captured 25% of the market in household appliances. Not only does the firm sell its items in stores but also the sales force goes house to house in search of new clients.

This makes the customer not only buy a vacuum cleaner but also other things that will work well when the homeowner is cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning around the home.

Hoover is another household name people can never forget. This is because of the number of years it has served the customers well. The consumer will always be happy to know that each of the vacuum cleaners this company has produced has always been lightweight and easy to use.

The British have also outdone itself with the brand known as Dyson. This is because of the innovation in its product line that doesn’t use filter bags to catch air but a filter system that converts this into clean air.

Long before the idea of not using filter bags was done by the British, the company called Rainbow made a model out in the 1920’s. This is still in use today as the machine captures dust and dirt in water and can be used again after draining.

The customer will just have to select based on the requirements, which is the best vacuum cleaner to be used at home.

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