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Diesel Forklift dealers in Telangana


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Hyundai-mhe.rsgexim Telangana region, a subsidiary of Hyundai Material Handing, with a deeper commitment for a sustainable business relationship with its customers, Hyundai-mhe.rsgexim is extending its technical excellence in the core sector of material handling equipment with a diverse spectrum of products marketed under the Hyundai brands. Hyundai is committed to offering higher value, lower cost and better returns on your capital investment, right through an extended life cycle for your equipment. Hyundai-mhe.rsgexim is in the very forefront of the MHE segment, with a diversity of products meeting the most specialized needs. Exceptional value in enduring performance is enhanced by design and features of international standard. Under one roof, Hyundai-mhe.rsgexim Andhra Pradesh integrates world-class design and manufacturing, global sourcing, and technological collaboration with industry leaders worldwide.

R S GLOBAL incorporated by a group of professionals having versatile experience in the field of Material Handling Equipment’s for more than 20 years. R S GLOBAL, are the exclusive distributors for Hyundai Material Handling Equipment’s for Sales and After Sales Service Support for the Southern Region of India covering Telangana and Andhra Pradesh territory Hyundai Material Handling Equipment Division (MHE) it is the number 1 material handling equipment brand in the world Thank for your interest in the Hyundai Material Handling Brand (Country of Origin: South Korea). Hyundai manufactures a wide range of products like Engine and electric powered counterbalanced Forklift trucks, a complete range of warehouse trucks, very narrow aisle system trucks, electric tow tractors, capacities from 1.0t to 26t This partnership fits R S GLOBAL by its own aspiration of being the leader in its field of Material Handling Equipment’s business and is completely aligned with Hyundai global leadership position, both in terms of sales volume and technological innovations. The timing of this matchup between a world-class manufacturer and an enthusiastic distributor is impeccable. With Hyundai’s unsurpassed productivity enhancing offerings such as the renowned Hydrostatic Transmission coupled with its Twin Pedal System for the IC Engine forklift trucks, R S GLOBAL has geared up to exploit the wealth of opportunities opening due to the ongoing transformation in this region and has been the top selling Distributors in India. As an integral strategy to expand into the region enhancing its market leadership and to provide faster service R S GLOBAL has liaison offices in operation at Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam most importantly, to be closer to the customers. At any given time Genuine Hyundai parts are kept in stock and non-available parts can be arranged in short period of time from the stocks of Hyundai plat in Puna. R S GLOBAL provides, spares and service support to its esteemed customers for their Material Handling Equipment’s and the client base is spread all over the southern region of India covering Telangana and Andhra Pradesh territory With highly skilled qualified and trained Service Engineers R S GLOBAL provides efficient and timely support and Service. The Innovative technology and unsurpassed product strength of Hyundai Material Handling Equipment’s and with the dedicated after sales service support by R S GLOBAL is complemented by a host of highly satisfied customers.

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By Alan Jason Smith

If you’re drowning in debt and creditors have your phone ringing off the hook, personal bankruptcy might seem the only way out. Indeed, for people whose debts dwarf their ability to pay, declaring bankruptcy can be a fast way to gain a fresh financial start.

There are two types of bankruptcy petitions you can file: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Each of these have a different purpose and different set of circumstances attached.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves the seizing and liquidation of your assets. This includes real estate, stocks, bonds and valuable property. Once liquidated, the proceeds are used to pay off the various creditors you owe. Property exempt from Chapter 7 bankruptcy includes vehicles worth less than $1500, most household furnishings and goods and clothing. You are also entitled to retain $18,450 worth of equity in your home.

The goal here is to leave you with enough to make a fresh start after bankruptcy is declared so you don’t end up completely destitute. At this point, you are discharged of all remaining debts. Once bankruptcy is filed, your creditors must cease from any lawsuits, wage garnishing, letters or telephone calls compelling you to pay.

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There are some debts that cannot be discharged by filing for bankruptcy. These include current or back-owed child support and alimony payments, most student loans, recent tax bills or debts to creditors toward whom you’ve exhibited dishonesty in the past.

Within a relatively short time period after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debts will be discharged and you will have a clean financial slate. However, filing for Chapter 7 does not always guarantee freedom from your debts. If a judge deems you fit to pay, you may be denied Chapter 7 bankruptcy and forced to file for Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy’s goal is not to discharge you of your debts but to reorganize them and develop a court-ordered repayment schedule. A person who files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically has three to five years to pay off all debts to creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is preferable for people who want to retain ownership of their property and assets, and/or have a reliable and prolonged source of income.

Regardless of which type of bankruptcy you file, you must consider your co-debtors carefully before making the decision to file for bankruptcy. If there are people who have co-signed for loans but who are not declaring bankruptcy jointly with you, if your debts are discharged, your creditors will go after your co-debtors to collect your portion of the debt.

You may be afraid that declaring bankruptcy will permanently ruin your credit rating, but this is not true. If you are already in a position to considering bankruptcy, chances are that you credit rating is already so poor that declaring bankruptcy could not make it any worse. A fresh financial start and the opportunity to rebuild credit from the ground up may even improve your credit rating in the long term.

Whatever decision you make regarding personal bankruptcy, it is never a bad idea to consult with a lawyer, financial advisor or credit counselor before proceeding. These professionals can advise you on the most prudent course of action to protect the integrity of your financial future.

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