How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After A Year Here Are Some Helpful Tips

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After A Year Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Getting back with your ex boyfriend may not be the esiest thing to do. Before you do anything to win his heart again you need to find out if he is single or with another girl. It is much esier to persue a single person than it is to persue someone that is in a relationship. Here are some tips that may help you in getting your ex back.

1. Be confident and cool – You improve your chances if you attract an ex’s attention if you are confident. If you act flustered or nervous your ex knows that he/she has the upper hand.

2. Stick to Successes and Positive Subject Matters – When talking to your ex after a year don’t talk about the past. It is not in good taste to spew negativity on anyone you have not spoken to in a year. Just be positive.


3. Avoid acting too Eager – If you have been thinking about this person since the breakup don’t make it too easy for your ex. If you are off limits this makes them want you more.

4. Invite Your Ex to Join You for a Casual Lunch – THis is a big step once you have gotten in touch with your ex. During lunch make sure you gauge their reaction towards you. Does she seem happy to see you? Or not so much?

5. Start Over With a Friendship – Becomming close friends with your ex is a natural progression. This will not work if the both of you still have bitter feelings about the breakup.

If you can’t tell if they still resent you for something(s), just be direct and ask instead of guessing. Tell your ex something along the lines of “It is really good to see you again. I’m over all the stuff that happened between us. Are you over it too?”

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