Understanding How Your Water Softener In Jacksonville, Fl Works

Understanding How Your Water Softener In Jacksonville, Fl Works


Florida has some of the highest levels of calcium carbonate in the groundwater on the east side of the United States. Using a water softener in Jacksonville, FL is the best possible way to ensure you do not have to deal with all the complications of hard water. These can include damage to your appliances and plumbing system as well as all the cleaning issues it causes.

The Importance of Treating Hard Water

There are different types of options in a water softener in Jacksonville, FL for any type of residential or commercial use. The most common types of systems use sodium chloride (salt) or potassium chloride, in pelleted form, to remove the “hard” minerals, which are often calcium and magnesium.

It is important to use a quality water softener system to avoid layers of these minerals, which is known as hard water scale, from building up in your washer, coffee maker, dishwasher, hot water heater, and in the plumbing system. Eventually, this scale can build up enough to restrict water flow and will require replacement of the appliances or a full replacement of your plumbing system, which is extremely costly.

How a Water Softener Works

A water softener in Jacksonville, FL can be added to your cold water intake line into the home. The system is comprised of a mineral tank, which is filled with beads that are made of a material known as polystyrene, a type of resin-like material. These beads have a negative charge, and calcium and magnesium have a positive charge.

As the water enters into the mineral tank of the water softener in Jacksonville, FL, the calcium and magnesium cling to the beads. They are effectively swapped for the slightly positive charge of the sodium that coats the beads.

Once the beads are saturated with the positively charged calcium and magnesium, the tank will need to regenerate. The timing of this is based on the number of days in a cycle, through a meter, or by manual regeneration. When the system regenerates salty brine from another tank flushes the magnesium and calcium out of the system, replacing it with another layer of sodium.

Choosing the right company and water softener in Jacksonville, FL is important and should be based on the volume of water used in the home as well as the type of regeneration system you wish to use. These systems are very low maintenance and are highly effective in eliminating the problems caused by hard water throughout the home.