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byAlma Abell

Since the 1500’s, people have been enjoying the delicious taste of jerky. A lean meat that the fat has been trimmed away and sliced into strips to be dried out for people to consume later without the meat spoiling. People from around the world have been enjoying the mouthwatering flavors for centuries when they want a quick snack to quench their craving. With very little fat and high in proteins that are healthy for the body, beef jerky in Columbus GA area is a staple snack that people keep in their home.

At Home or On the Go!

A primary reason to purchase beef jerky in Columbus, GA is the ability to take the delicious meat with you anywhere you go. When the strips of beef are properly dried and preserved, they can last for a year or two when stored properly. You can pack them in your car for when you are on the go to provide you with a scrumptious snack when you do not have time to eat. You can even enjoy them at home during movie night with your family as a healthy snack full of nutritional protein without the excessive fat that meat can contain. A low-calorie food that is bursting with flavor can hit the right spot when you are looking for something yummy to eat.

Unique and Favorable Tastes are Available

For 23 years, Striplings General Store has been producing a variety of jerky for their customers. Their products can be found in more than 300 retail stores across the nation and a home favorite snack for numerous customers. Each year they produce more than 35,000 lbs. of jerky that leaves people’s mouthwatering. A rich source of protein, you can enjoy this delicious snack anytime you are at home or on the go!

byAlma Abell

A magnetic keyed lock can be used to secure your property and is different from an electromagnetic lock as it does not require electricity in order to operate. An electromagnetic locking system can be made to open with one of several methods such as a swipe card, motion sensor, or key code. However, the security can be overcome if the electricity is interrupted in a building.

A Magnetic Keyed Lock System

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Residential landlords or property owners may opt for a magnetic keyed lock because security is increased without the need for electricity. A residential locksmith in Tulsa can establish a magnetic lock system to upgrade security and conceal the existence of a lock as well. This type of lock is hard to pick open, which adds to its desirability.

However, with that being said, a residential locksmith will also tell you that the complexity of these locks can differ from one product to the next. For example, some of the locks only need one magnet to open them. While this does not offer a great deal of protection, it is an ideal key method for concealment.

Making a Decision for a Locking System

Other locking systems feature a number of magnets on the key. This system prevents one magnet from opening the lock. Also, the pins and tumblers for this kind of lock need to be elevated or depressed by each magnet. Therefore, you need to discuss the differences with a residential locksmith so you can better assess your locking needs.

Therefore, the functionality of the locking system depends on the needs of the user. Combining the use of a magnetic key system with a standard locking device is the most secure kind of upgrade. Do not rely solely on a lock that is difficult to pick. Using a magnetic lock with a regular lock optimizes overall security. Review your choices online at Inquire about the various lock systems that are available for businesses and homeowners.

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Tips for Saving Electricity


Agnes Celina

If we take a look at our electricity bills, we will be surprised to notice what a lot of amount we are paying extra. Extra not in the sense that money is being over charged or anything but money that could have easily been saved and the bill reduced to a considerably lesser value. It is only due to our carelessness or let s call it bad habit that we are forced to pay off large amounts of money for no electricity that we are not even using.

By way, the way we are running short of electricity and are going down towards a major energy crisis, it only seems sensible to save electricity at every possible moment and opportunity. Besides, saving electricity is only helping us directly and making our lives easier without making us omit the element of luxury from it.

There are numerous ways which help us in saving electricity. The first and most straight forward one is to turn off any spare lights that are on for no reason at all. Nobody uses the light and the figures keep adding to the bills. Therefore, always switch off lights when leaving a room or the home.

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Switch off any appliances that have been put on the standby mode. It seems that being in such a state, the device is not really eating up any electricity, but if total up the time for all the devices and the amount of electricity they are using up, the result would be surprising. So, say no to standby modes.

Whenever building a house, installing new windows or piping systems, always remember to buy insulation for them. This helps to retain temperatures for longer and loads of electricity in the long run. The reduction in electricity bills will definitely be noticeable once the installation is complete.

Set the thermostats in the houses to a fixed temperature; 28-29 in the summers and 21 in the winters seem to be a very pleasant option. In case if one still wants more warmth or coolness, there are always summer and winter clothes to wear throughout the season.

Heating water consumes a lot of electricity units. It is advisable to minimize or reduce the temperature when you know water consumption will be least, like at night when everyone is asleep or when nobody is home. It is also a good practice to heat water with timers set to automatically lower the temperature once the thermometer shows that water temperature has reached the desirable level.

Make it a habit to switch off any appliances that are not to be used. It often happens that computers or televisions stay on even when no one is using them. Apart from the refrigerator, there is no other appliance that needs to be on round the clock. Hence, switch off any appliance that is taking up unnecessary electricity units.

A very sensible thing to do is to use electricity in the off hours when the rate per unit is halved or is still less than the usual. The timings may vary and might need to be checked.

Making sure these simple rules are followed, can lead to drastic reductions in the electricity bills and increase in the amount of electricity we will be saving.


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